Does it bother you when neighbors or pedestrians can see in your apartment?

2021-09-05 18:00:56 ANTHONY

I live in the big city, but on the outskirts and had previously lived in the center in poet development.

Both in the city, as well as on the outskirts, the development is often so that pedestrians run close past living room windows and see it there.

The tram is often very close to higher Passes and in many street trains you look at each other directly into the booth.

I have always handled it so that the look in the kitchen and dining area did not bother me, but for the bedroom and bathroom precautions met, keeping foreign glances completely.

Raffrollos, aluminum skirts, curtains, etc.

In the living room, I handled this by mood.

Was I working, LI'm an insight, it was evening and I dressed slightly, I moved the windows.

A former girlfriend of mine was in return in poet development the insight into (except in the bathroom) and slept even naked Without curtains or blinds.

What is your attitude?


It bothers me something immensely, although we have nothing to hide. I'm in an apartment for a very private retreat, whose design of Hinz and Kunz nix is ​​concerned and therefore I did not want it in our current apartment either, so there are curtains and blinds. Not so that everything is too close, but so that you do not have a free view on it when we eat or sit in the home office or in the evening on the sofa.

In my former apartment (9-family house in the suburb / Gutzwohniedlung, first floor) was something diffizile: by a larger open space right in front of the balcony area (parking and meadow) one had actually open view of certain zones, but You did not see everything. I have tested it, you saw the living roomRank and from a certain angle from the ongoing television, but without recognizing the program. I dared this test because people were very curious and wanted to know everything. If you had seen more, I would have organized something.

Incidentally, I have removed relatives who deliberately remove all curtains, etc., because the (own quote) "cosmopolitan and modern" work and you want to show all that you have nothing to hide. That was somehow suspicious so after the motto, you just do it for others.


I live in a small town, but in the most populous room in Europe and a very busy, long road. Here it is also that, despite its own plot, people can look into the house, just because there are manyWindow has and very light flooded.

It bothers me already. If I had the choice, the city would only be half as big, and my property also greater and more remotely. Houses surrounded by trees and fences, with a property that is not accessible to everyone, I like it best. We also have a few nearby, but they are priceless.

Man is not used to such a tight coexistence in a small room. When we walked only two hundred years, in the time Goethe and Beethoven, what we call today as "small town" is considered "big city". The same applies to people who would return in the nineteenth century, and return to the Middle Ages. Also they would be the former big citiesAs rather small, just consider what the population concerns.


That's why my rollo - except the slots - is always or below :-) I live in a skyscraper and right before mine Windows are the bike rack, the sidewalk and the farm: -)

Edit: Earlier it was even more disturbing, because at that time a bench was in front of my window Hehe ... if the temperatures were comfortable, sitting there constantly older residents , partly with garden chairs and held hours of hours :-) My grandmother wrote at that time the property management and at some point the bank was removed: -)


We only have a rollo in the bedroom - which only Solidly closed is consistently closed because I do not sleep well on the pitch dark. EverythingOthers is always open. All neighbors are handling it similar.

The neighbors in the back house guaranteed us from the shower (is in the kitchen) come.


No - I would handle it as you.

When I sit in the S-Bahn and look at houses, past windows ... then I only see the window to the slice ...

Without binoculars it is not possible for me to see more than that.

The feeling is observed is completely unfounded:

Observation means someone remains at one point wherever he can watch for a long time.

Take a zoo search: Only when you stop in front of a enclosure, you can observe and possibly pull out of the observation conclusions.

If you only passed with a look at the enclosure, the view changes step to step and you do not think anything.

Does it bother you when neighbors or pedestrians can see in your apartment?