Does a flame weight?

2021-09-05 21:12:07 DARLENE

Does this weigh what?


A flame is a glowing gas. So it also has a weight.

Would you create it "to catch up" it would push your scales up, so show a "negative" weight. But that only comes through the effect that warm air and other gases rise.



MAN not weigh fire, but You can indirectly close weight . For example, for example, you have already noticed that flames always rise upwards. So fire has to be lighter than air. It is also said that flames are glowing gases.


A flame is luminous gas. Gas (or air, a gas mixture) has weight, because it has mass and is locatedF of the earth in a gravity field.


I would say yes, it deforms, so this pointing form has. And it rises up. So lighter than air. But it is also clear, is hot.


All gases have a weight and mass.

Does a flame weight?