Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?

2021-09-06 02:06:34 KARA

Since the death of my grandfather, I still sustaine, I often think about the existence of eternal life after death. My grandfather was believer (Catholic). What do you think there is God at all and a world after death? And does the way over Jesus lead to God? What about these saints such as Maria? Would be very happy about your opinion.


It is the hope of all Christians that we will be with God after death. If everything was over with death, the question arises what this life is supposed to do here. And why do you make sure why do you suffer for what is what you live decently or sometimes something waived.

The death of Jesus was necessary to bring the relationship between God and the people again . That's why I thank God again and again that he gives us the opportunity to contact him again by Jesus.


That you are thinking about this topic, I think so well. Obviously, at Grandfather has left a positive impression in this relationship.

Well, with the faith it is NiSo easy. Belust means in Hebrew, something where there is stop and in Greek, something to familiarize.

Everything starts here. What's up in life? What does your trust build on? What remains of the if you experience, your life goes to an end (no matter when)?

There is a book "preacher" in the Bible to this book "Old Testament). Read it all in peace and do you think about it.

How is it with these saints such as Maria?

Just target what is in the Bible. Maria, was a good Christian, more not.

1. Timotheus 2; 5 For it is a God and a mediator between God and the people who, Christ Jesus, 6 who has given himself as a ransom for all. That's the testimony at the right time, 7For which I was used as a pronounced and apostle - I say the truth in Christ and do not lie - as a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and in the truth.


What do you think It God at all and a world after death?

I believe in God, I'm a Christian. In my opinion, there is well good / convincing reasons / arguments to believe in God:

I believe that this world was thought through and planned, I do not think the earth was "just so" created. Also, there is the opinion that an intervention of God is needed for the big bang.

Also, there are wonders that are examined by doctors. If there is no scientific explanation, why a human became healthy, then the miracle is also confirmed. DIE doctors do not always know that their investigations are for the church.

I also believe in a life after death. You can search on the Internet for "girl encountered Jesus" (without quotation marks). These are reasons to believe in God and a life after death.

I have also experienced things that have strengthened my faith.

And does the way over Jesus lead to God?

I can tell you that in Christianity only by believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who gets eternal life. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, then you get the life in paradise from the Evangelical point of view. But also good deeds are not unimportant according to a Bible site, but you can not earn life in paradise.


According to the Bible, there are - generally - after death either heaven (with God) or hell (worship remote).

About the sky (paradise, God's new Creation) is in the Bible z. B.:

  • "What no eye has ever seen and has heard no ear, whereupon no human has ever come, that gives God ready for those who love him" (1.Corinther 2 , 9).
  • "And God will wipe off all tears of their eyes, and death will not be anymore, neither suffering nor shouting still pain will be more; because the first has passed. And that sat on the throne, saying, saying, I said, Make everything new! " (Disclosure 21.4-5A).
  • "For behold, I can create a new heaven and a new earth, so you get to the earlier no longerand they no longer come to mind; But you should look forward to all of you and write about what I create " (Isaiah 65:17-18A).

I really enjoy the eternity in God's glory Very!

To the question of how to come to heaven, z. B. the following page Recommended: Are everyone in the sky? Who comes to heaven?

Doctant Saints or Maria should not be worshiped, but only God alone. This is explained quite well here: Is the worship (worship) of Saints / Maria Biblisch?


That is almost 2000 years of common Christian faith, thanks to Jesus and his deed, for us in death and beyond the prison in eachGibg, the sinners of the world took with it and left there, so that we can stand in God as purely and live in God's relationship, which had the first human beings.

Does the way over Jesus really lead to God?