How do you calculate the reduction amount in the reminder?

2021-09-06 06:01:43 ERICA


I have stated in the reminder the business fee 2300 VV RVG with € 90.96 and the reduction amount 3305 VVRVG with 45.48 € from an item value of € 173.14. But now a mononing came, the reduction amount was too high. I thought the reduction amount is half of the business fee ..

Can someone tell me how to calculate this?


How do you come to a business fee of 90.96 euros? Expenses are not part of the business fee. Also not the proportionate sales tax. If the 1.3 business fee is at a value of 173.14 euros 63.70 euros, the lawyer has attributable to 31.85 euros.

Either this is the error or it results in the too high crediting from the Preliminary remark 3 IV VV RVG:

(4) If a business fee under Part 2 arises because of the same item, this fee will be partially, for value charges at most with a fee of 0.75, on the procedural fee of the judicial procedure.

Where I already find it for a too high crediting. Because the party is free, a lowto be asserted.


Good evening,

How do you come to the business fee of € 90.96? In the case of a dispute value of € 173.14 and a rule business fee of 1.3 to No. 2300, a business fee of € 63.70 is calculated, from which then 31.85 € would be attributed.

or is there any special feature in pre-judicial activity?


How do you calculate the reduction amount in the reminder?