What do you think about Söder's opinion: Should CDU and CSU not be in the govern

2021-09-06 11:03:28 KELLEY

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has warned in view of the weak survey results for the Union before a missed government participation.

The "World on Sunday" (Wams) said the party feet, although If a trend turn is still possible, "but it is indeed very serious, and it is scarce". Should CDU and CSU do not be in the government, "the heaviest times come to the party".

Söder warns of the left slip - and sees "only two" options

The aim must be to become the strongest faction in the Bundestag to prevent a left slide by a red-green government, he demanded. The Union must "make even more clearly" that it "only two" possibilities give: "either a left slide with the Left PartyOr with a traffic light ". For the traffic lights - an alliance of SPD and Greens with the FDP - be a" dilute left slide ", as the liberal smallest party would be.

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It is right because ... Choose 85%

He is not right because ... Choose 15%

both as well as because ... Choose 0%


It can only become better if it is really bad.


You have to read the statement exactly:

The "world on Sunday" (Wams) said the party feet, although a trendy is still possible, "but it is In fact very serious, and it gets scarce ". Should CDU and CSU are not in the government, "are the most serious times on the party"

does not match the party, on the population.


.. his analysis is consistent. It can get worse. If the AFD wins voices and comes to about 13% or even more, a cleavage of the CDU in left and right wings is possible. The winner stalls not yet fixed! Possibly cooperation of the computerth wings with the AFD. Because if the CDU is out (from the government), the places on the feeding trough are away, the many advantages such as. Creating, TV control etc. The choice will be exciting.


The look into the competence team is occupied, that is their top, and something has nothing to look for in Berlin.

For S.-H. I'm sorry for me whose children have earned a little better for the school.


This is normal, not seriously to be taken notice. You can watch it at all parties. They warn against each other side, make the other side bad and hold for the best.

What do you think about Söder's opinion: Should CDU and CSU not be in the government,