Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die ev

2021-09-06 13:01:19 MICHELLE

I mean why donate so many people for animal species.

But forget the children in Africa, Brazil, India, etc.

Animals also have feelings similar to me, but animals about little ones Children to put or let a child die because you want to save a small rare mouse I just do not understand.


Well, I think that's pretty destructive. We should look forward to every human being, who is able to give something and does that and any judgments about whether this is the best place or you would not rather give something elsewhere I think I find inappropriate.
That's this good old "You're setting you for women's rights, but what about men who never receive custody of children" argument: those who do something then also get the criticism because they supposedly do not get the right thing to do. I plead to face any help positively, even if you even see other focal points. Different people are different things important, and that's okay, or not? But if we were concerned?D condemn for what people are using, this ends that no one helps somewhere somewhere, that does not continue anyone.

Do you have to save the entire world just because you try to make something better? There are many people who do nothing, I'm glad about every person who does something, no matter where.


One has a closer connection to his pet than his own family. They are without words, do not be a mistake and one is always loved, no matter how fat and unguarded one is. The love that gives an animal one can not give a human in the world. For the reason, the animal stands for many about man.


Animals can not be anything and species are conservation value.

If you want to get in Africa or otherwise so children, then you should be able to feed them. If this does not matter, then the negligent of these people. Why should you always pay? How to protect yourself should be known in every province.


not more important, but also very important. Suffering makes no difference in which living beings strikes it, since everything is the same in the end.


Everyone has the right to decide whether and who he helps with his money. And I wonder: Did you donate for the children? If not, I would hold myself - in your place - with criticism, how and whom others help with your money.

Why are people, animals more important than hungry children in Africa who die every second?