2021-09-06 13:07:39 MATT

How is that that I always have a bad mood for 10-20 minutes after masturbating, so if I stop?

Funny, right?


Yes that is in fact weird. You seem to feel guilty, or think you're doing something bad.

That should not be like that.

Either do you just keep going, with the knowledge that everything is fine, and try The feeling to get away. Or you leave it.

Masturbation you can control, you can do it or leave it. It is always voluntary


After ejaculation, the prostate is now empty and has to be refilled with sperm Langam. In the sense of reproduction, nature says that everyone would be the same as the following orgasm of energy waste. For this reason, she takes the penis every lust.

to now no discrepancy to BERD, she takes you even in the head every desire.


I believe many, but what is that CP. Is stopped different.

Try to relax Vlt more and do not think about it as much thereafter