Why does she believe in a God?

2021-09-06 17:01:09 PRESTON

I think it's just making a mind that God exists.

That's why I wanted to know about you, why you think he exists


Apart from that I do not believe in any personalized entity that one calls God or Allha or otherwise. Nevertheless, would be for the existence of such a "being", she should turn out to be true, quite no matter if we keep it sensible or not.

I became Catholic educated and have longed myself this question, or at least similar. And I believe that some simply do not question it. Others can not imagine that everything came out of themselves, if there was the beginning at all. And again others see it as a necessary causality that a divine being created us, you also want to believe in divine salvation, vocation and paradise.

That I do not believe in it, however, does not mean that I'm inevitably lying properly. Because it was neither proven nor repayed. It will probably be in a way that we could not even think of ourselves.

However, until there will be a clearly demonstrable answer to it sometime in a wide distant future, we will continue to make us our own picture of what ultimately only our own thinking, our wishes, fears and hopes are reflected, but not brings closer to the truth.


I do not believe that the big bang happens happened. I believe that there is a higher nature because we have the inner urge to serve something bigger than we serve yourself. FishingHL at prayer proximity to something unknown. The Bible consists of different typefaces are the centuries old.


I believe in God, I'm a Christian. In my opinion, there is well good / convincing reasons / arguments to believe in God:

I believe that this world was thought through and planned, I do not think the earth was "just so" created. Also, there is the opinion that an intervention of God is needed for the big bang.

There are also wonders examined by doctors. If there is no scientific explanation, why a human became healthy, then the miracle is also confirmed. The doctors do not always know that their investigations are for the church.

I also believe in a life NACH death. You can search on the Internet for "girl encountered Jesus" (without quotation marks). These are reasons to believe in God and a life after death.

I have also experienced things that have strengthened my faith.


I think 'It makes no sense to believe in the existence of a God, where thousands of goddesses and gods are retrieved in the course of human history.

Which may it be?

Greeting, Earnest


You are testing if there is it and when the test comes out that there is it, then you believe in it. That's how it works mostly.

Why does she believe in a God?