Is he possibly pedophile?

2021-09-06 17:02:20 MARY

My friend is 22 and I 15 years old. He wants to undergo that I like him, he liked to punish me, for example, with a firm slap on the butt, I should call him Daddy He always calls me something like my little princess, he is standing on it when I'm bitchy and never take me Seriously, if I'm about some excitement. I am also very small and petite and have childish facial features.


Separate you from you immediately, he damages you extremely. > It will kaput make yourself for life.

He is on young girls, because they do not know their boundaries, make it knowing and more easily dominate and use as slaves.

Presumably he tries to see you to do by submitting you. Then you can not come out.

He does not love you, he uses you shamelessly, is a psychopath, at least through and evil.


The of Be described by him does not fit for pedophilia in my opinion.

Often hiding behind power exercise (which is subject to subject), a separate feeling of fainting. So you do not have to feel the feeling of fainting, you practice power yourself.

Observation in the near future if he is really self-confident, or only his words is hot air .. does he have self-doubt and a low self-esteem that he tries to hide?

With your age difference of 7 years a so-called power of power is available, alone because he is older. That would be the same with other couples, important is important to see if the other person exploits that.

I have learned the lesson for me that one can not change other people.

So go into you and ask yourself how the relationship feels for you. If you feel well, security, you have trust, you can rely on him, he shows you respect, let him be as you are?

Do you have a good, othe bad feeling in the stomach? Whatever it is, trust your belly.

I hope to give you the orientation.



With 15, with a certainty, at least at least in puberty as such, you are simply uninteresting for a pedophile. Also, AgePlay / BDSM has nothing to do with pedophilia.

If at all, your friend is a sadist, but probably no more dangerous after how the whole sounds. The whole thing is a pretty normal thing and unless you agree (and min 14 are) also absolutely legal.

Age Play is otherwise one of the ways such as abuse sacrifices with the whole.

What could be that he is a marriage philia (ie a preference for PERsonen at the end of the puberty) has. But even if that's the case if you feel comfortable in the relationship and maybe why do something?


That has nothing to do with pedophilia.

Your friend may have a fetish or like dominant. If you do not stand on something like tell him that. If he does not stop with it, leave him.


Pedophilia describes the sexual interest in children in prepubertary age, says to approx. 11/12 years.

What you describe so sounds more like a kind of fetish. I would suspect that your friend finds it as an exciting, it is to treat you as his little daughter, which he must punish sometimes, eg by a folding on the butt.

MMT that you are already clear in puberty with 15 and even if you have very childlike trains, you should probably notice this. At the latest when you are naked and he sees you so, so it should also notice him; I'll be assuming that you have a recognizable breast and already shame and armpowing, exception, you shaves you in these places. So this should notice your friend at the latest, if you stand naked in front of him. So for exclusive pedophilia can not be concluded, since he would then be purely on the child's body scheme. But since he is with them, he must have at least a partial responsiveness for postpubertarians, he should be pedophile at all. Much more likely is that he is auF is treatable / adult women and only has a fetish that gladly looks like this as (small) child and punishes them - ie a kind of counterpart to the so-called baby fetish, in which the affected person likes to behave as a toddler and / or wants to be treated.

Is he possibly pedophile?