Who is your opinion according to the most instructured God or goddess?

2021-09-07 07:06:41 SALLY

I am very interested in that topic faith and religions of old cultures and peoples.

Which god of antiquity is your opinion the interesting or what faith is the excited. And please not call Jesus, Yahweh, Allah or Hinduism. LG


Young boy. I just asked for interesting deities from the antiquity and said that you should not call today's deities, such as Jesus or Allah, and nevertheless people come with these gods and want to discuss with me, which is somewhere ok. But I have no desire to discuss with people to deny scientific facts on the current band.


Well, basically is the most interesting God

Dionysos or. in his Roman game This God was so human-like and stood for cheerfulness and joy, for much, what the people are already fun at that time Made! Therefore, the Eri becameNunnung to him to the modern times artistically. Remains healthy! Arnold Moses For me: Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of fertility, Love and of the war. I worked a few years ago a longer attachment over them, and she is not only with different other "gods prommis" as the Egyptian Isis, the Babylonian Ishtar and Roman Juno related (= was worshiped in these forms in this form), but it is also the origin of the name Easter (Ostara), the colorful ice cream and the pigeon (Christian symbol of the Holy History). In addition, she was reinterpreted from the early Christians to the male demon astharot, so no one other than the devil. If you want, it lets SiCH with Fug and right say that Astarte has been preserved to today - albeit well - and in the sum of the Jewish-Christian-Muslim God of the meaning of the meaning of the water. Bonnie I think you should look at the entire Pantheon, and I like the Nordic, the Greek-Roman and the Egyptian. Derrick For example Mars / Ares / Tyr, the war gods of the three more acquainted mythologies (say so?). Heidi The most interesting goddess is Kali!

Who is your opinion according to the most instructured God or goddess?