Why does AfD want to abolish the euro?

2021-09-08 17:00:59 YOLANDA


The former Community currency € became a debt union

The € states of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France are de facto state insolvent.

The Corona pandemic has the situation of MM-border states for the tourism existentially exacerbated. If you were before the cliff to state insolvency you are already several steps.

Italy is suggested by economists and analysts nearby from € because the country could consolidate economically with the Lira. Italy would be the MM-Cheap holiday country and would thus run the rank of Turkey.

The Italian economy is too large around these like Greece under a rescueM to stabilize.

Germany should pay with German taxes the debts of other € countries, whereas the party AFD decides and calls for the exit from the monetary ban.

Germany should pull the cart out of the dirt.

Tuomas Malines in the Interview

Finnish Top Economic: The Euro is a disaster and is in front of the collapse

https://www.focus.de/finanzen/boerse/konthuncture/malline-im-interview-finnischer-top-oekonom-zu-85-Progen-zerbricht-Der-euro-in-in- Next-5-year_id_12834720.html

still has almost three years: no later than 2023 the euro will break, expect the economists Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik.

Guest comment of MAtthias Weik and Marc Friedrich

The euro can not work - we stand before the monetary crash

https://www.finanzen100.de/finanznaches/boerse/der-euro -Cann-Non-function-wir-standing-pre-dubring-crash_H758729400_11514725 /

on the way to EU debt union

https: // www .wiwo.de / Politics / Europe / Corona Reconciliation Fund-on-the-Weg-in-the-EU debt union / 25844614.html

We march into a debt union


Now Germany gets the debt union, which it never wanted

https://www.welt.de/wirtice/article29112429/coronahilfen-fuer-die-eu-wiederaufbaufond-s-s-instig-in-die- debtenunion.html

a note nor.

The € splits the EU in €-member states and states with national currency.


The AFD does not want to buy the euro - you can not do that - you want Germany Exit from the euro and gets a national currency again. The idea behind it is probably that Germany would then get the full and sole control over the national currency ... I'll take


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Because the AFD is nationally set. She wants to abolish the euro for Germany. Nationalism is an exceeded or fanatical patriotism. The idea is a member of a public communityTough to behave, the AFD is foreign. She wants to turn back the clock back and spread right ideology.

Everything about nationalism


Political Rights

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_Rights_ (Politics)

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According to their argumentation, unity waues in very different powerful economies failed.



Why does AfD want to abolish the euro?