Which song does you like to hear?

2021-09-09 15:02:11 KRISTIN


Now no really interesting question But just wants to know what you just hear most.

Whether artists, band, genre

skin just out


I find older songs very well.

Bruce Springsteen: Touver Than The Rest / The River

Thom Pace: Maybe


The song What I Last Days Walking Most Below is "Look Who's Inside Again" by Bo Burnham. Is from his movie, one of my favorite songs at the time


Many songs of Queen, like Another One Bites the Dust , Killer Queen and Sheer Heart Attack . Then Freakshow from Punkinloveeee and Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra. Since I have seen the movie Kill Bill, the latter is no longer out of the head XD


This here, for example!

Mountain: Don` T Look Around


CR7Z - In the end, everything is good, and Kollegah - in the footsteps of the universal genius, I now listen to the two artists too Most

Which song does you like to hear?