To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Hello everybody, I have been sexually excited in an exaggerated way for several months. I have no partner and therefore I masturbate every day. Sometimes 5-7 times without a break in between. (I'm 19 years old) I can not control myself and I am aware tha
Masturbating, sex addiction, strong desire for masturbation?
I find the afd. The AFD Choose 62% The green choose 18% the left choose 15% The CDU / CSU CHOOSE 3% Others Choose 3% The SPD CHOOSE 0% The FDP Choose 0% Dana This is coming now ... When it comes to policies, my opinion is: Green / SPD When it comes to be
What is the worst party in the Bundestag?
I turned a few days 19 and love a girl is 16. Since I do not want to do anything wrong, I wanted to ask if something is ok or the age is too big. Marvin Hello Anamontana! completely normal and often not bad Have a nice evening Nathan Bad in Two relations
Boy 19, girl 16 in a relationship bad or oke?
Today, a friend of my sister was visiting that looks pretty good. I was on toilet earlier and there everything was clean and then she went to Clo and when I came back on the wardrades Three four short hair. Where do they come from? Are the pubic hair? Th
Are the pubic hair or what do you think?
I have two cats like her seen in the pictures. I'd like two Warrior Cats names for you. They are both cats, no hangover, so please only kittenines names. As you look like you see on the pictures. This is the one ... ... and the other. Brendan So you can
What a Warrior Cats name?
Ebony Yes, he may. But is unusual. You should have sovereign counter or - if that too is too impressed - ignore the question skillfully. Brandi It is not punishable but such questions are really inappropriate if you just knows the person zero. Of course
May a foreign adult man just ask me if I already wear tangas!?
The time travel to the past will never be possible. Can one be assumed because otherwise time travelers from the future would be met us. Gloria No, you have to introduce time as construct. Everything happened and happened has already happened, but not ag
Is that really like one?
Have recently found my mum so slips with hole between the legs. Have seen in the Inet that there are those for men and women. Who carries something in everyday life? Al For "Certain hours" I would once ; o) In addition, one applies to this in the red lig
Do you wear open panties in everyday life?
In main compartments such as math, German, English in minor subjects such as geography, history, religion, art, music A 4 disturbs me in every subject on the testimony of choose 70% In the minor subjects a 4 does not bother me, I often had choose 22% in
Will you find 4's bad?
No Choose 60% Yes, was good choose 35% Yes, but was not good choose 5% Rickey My father has eaten a cactus fruit. Was great he said. But after 10 minutes, the pain started extremely many small needles in the pulp. Daniel I would not recommend, almost all
Have you ever eaten cactus?
Merle If you do it out of a strong will, you're sinful again because you will then grow up. You can not do that anyway. We should simply realize that we do not get anything on the line, ask God for forgiveness (which he offers us in Jesus Christ) and the
Everywhere is the seduction, sin in the world, how do I make a strong will, so t
Rosa Basically with anyone you trust. It is a very intimate topic and accordingly great, should be confidence in the person. But tips and also one or the other help, you can get almost everywhere. Lora Heyho, I want to give you something on the way. Your
Who can you talk about sex SB?
So in many advertisements there are a lot of black, Asians, ... before. Many companies do that so to be better out. Partly many more such people come than "white". Since I wanted to ask if the racist is. There are people who say: take more black into adv
Is not that racist?
Hi, I have set a goal for 1/2 years. And I like to become a doctor. I've done this year to come to the 11 (EF). Now I see people at school or in everyday life who have a better brain than me and there will be like many questions in mind if I will be able
Fill a dream?