Did my mother wanted to hurt me with this comment?

2021-08-23 21:00:41 VAN

I'm 50 and remember, and to situations in which I felt injured.

When I was about 11 years old, my mother got along that I had fallen in love with a boy and she answered "What is that free?".

I was perplexed because I knew the word freer only in connection with prostitution. Only a few years later, I learned that in ancient times when a man stopped by a woman's hand, he "freely".

I do not believe that this meaning was meant.

My mother was when I was 18 was mentally mentally ill and endogenous depression, as well as several years later schizoaffective disorders and psychoses were detected.

My uncle (her brother) told me when I was 45that she has sometimes acted irrational sometimes.

What do you think, why did she say that to me? We always got along well.

She wanted to sound funny. Choose 30%

thoughtlessness. Choose 30%

The disease could be cause. Choose 20%

She wanted to lower. Choose 20%


hard to say ... Pure speculation ... Unfortunately, you will not know anymore ... but it will have reason why you felt injured at that time ... and I can well imagine that it was dependent ... otherwise it would not deal with you until today ...

... my father was mentally cruelly to me but he did not get it, because he got it The empathy was missing ... it came to break ... I'm not angry with him, that he is like he's ... actually he is only to regret ... but that may not touch me now.


Apparently she already had it in the psyche at that time. Many parents can only handle that their children suddenly love someone else and not just mom and dad.


is only advised.

You would have to know your mother in more detail in order to give the assessment more weight.


They would never be so mean to their 11 year old daughter


I believe it happened under dtogen influence

Did my mother wanted to hurt me with this comment?