New school, no friends?

2021-08-23 23:00:50 KIMBERLY

Hello, I come to a new school, JM to be more accurate in a HTL. I have few friends but for that with whom I understand very well. And I'm always very hard to meet new people and make me friends with them, as no one of my friends goes to my school.

That's why I'm a bit scared and actually little desire for the school

Could someone help me or are there ideas, as I can better talk to strangers?

Lg and Thank you in advance


Maybe you somehow have a school band, another club or just something fun. Maybe you write yourself there. You can make really good friends if you have a commonality ...


Join me Lillaz.

The easiest way to connect contacts by connecting you to any group / club / club.

The remainder comes quite alone.

Good loyalty :)


In the first Linier you go to a school to learn, so How others go to work to earn their bread rolls there.

Focus on learning. The people in your class or your course, you will automatically get to know. If there is no friendship, it isThere is no catastrophe, but a fact that you can use to live safely.


You can just practice it:

Fahr a few subway stations and then strange strangers People you never see again.


Do not worry. That you are afraid is completely normal. The first friendships will develop very quickly

New school, no friends?