Pommes What's coming?

2021-08-23 23:07:01 LAMAR

I like the saying of Bud Spencer, who said in a movie, such a real pus ulcer should be on it. :)
PS: Which movie was that?

Ketchup Choose 35%

Mayo Choose 31%

Red / White Choose 15%

Salt Choose 12%

I am demanding , So ... Choose 8%


by McDonalds Mayo, from Rosis snack shop around the corner red white, at home itself fried mayo and ketchup touched to a separate sauce


I and I am not so the Mayo type, if I have to eat the rappel definitely mayo eat I always have to do that yourself and then I'm mostly too lazy


2 out of the edge and Band will probably have been.


But genuine good


A delicious Mexican chili with cheese and jalapenos on top of them.

Pommes What's coming?