Has something bad happened today?

2021-08-24 00:00:57 WM

Has something bad happened today? If so, what?

For me, the parents decided to finally divorce what is not very bad for me now because their marriage has been taking place on the paper for years.


I had to call the ambulance this morning because of my mother.

I was appointed with her for breakfast and suddenly began to cough to cough, although I thought she had swallowed . But after I saw that she coughs slimy blood, I called directly the ambulance. The rescue service also directly suspects that blood and other fluid is in your lungs, which later confirmed in the hospital.

I felt totally helpless and overwhelmed, as incidentally my 10-month-old daughter through The whole chaos started crying and I also tried to help my mother until the ambulance was there. I would have liked to be healed, which I first GemacHT, when my brother came directly from work, so we could drive to the hospital afterwards.

We now only know that blood and water has accumulated in the lungs and they are currently in the intensive care unit. Why and why we simply did not say.

Has something bad happened today?