Task manager Windows 10?

2021-08-24 00:06:00 KIRK

Why are some apps on Hocch and are displayed in red especially at Minecraft and Chrome I will not throw that really not the PC was never so there was everything high


So, your PC is always slower after a while. Vorallenden If you have not reset it once. Also, if you did not even clean it from inside. Then creates dust and the fans must e.g. work more and turn faster. Of course that also consumes more power. If you have a 2060 as an example, it has been developed after 3-4 years to a 1660 super. So you can express it.


Already trying to upgrade your PC? ;)

The technique continues to develop and thus consumes more RAM in older devices

What do you mean why you do not get a browser to run nowadays? >.>


Do you mean the power consumption oThe performance?

Task manager Windows 10?