Why do all hate me here?

2021-08-24 01:01:25 PRISCILLA

Hello I am the Louis and am 12 years old. I live a year in India and I'm fine here, very bad.

My parents act with exclusive vintage cars, and here in India there are particularly popular British models (because of colony and so). That's why we are temporarily pulled to India.

I do not like it here at all, it's very warm and I miss the sea (our house at home is on the beach) and all my friends.

But the worst is the people here.

It's going to go at school, all children bullying and beat me, make fun of my bad English and pronunciation and always refer to me as: Hitler Swine, German Pig, Blond *** Hole etc. That makes me very finished. The teachers make NICHts, on the other hand, make some even. I often told my parents, but those can do nothing here is the only English language school. My parents are barely at home and I often have to distribute my time alone. The property is big but I have already explored it completely. Alone I can not have my parents fear of kidnappings etc. The only person talking to me is a cleaning lady with us, she is very nice and I like her very much, but she is only 3 times a week. I have to stay here again half a year, only then we go back to Germany.

What can I do that the other children do not bob me anymore?



If your story is true, you have to defend yourself against your classmates ... If you are beaten, hit back and at least try it. You need to notice that you do not make everything with you. I wish you a lot of strength, if this is right.


In such countries, the grip is that way. Is similar in South Africa or in North African countries. I would tell your parents and ask them to move again or to talk to kinship elsewhere.

Why do all hate me here?