Collect something specific or special?

2021-08-24 01:03:36 MARION

Many collect everything possible but what do you collect? Do you even collect something?

I collect something: Choose 67%

I collect nothing. Choose 22%

I have collected but stopped. Choose 11%


I collect letters and postcards. Whether the letters I have written myself or letters from friends and relatives. It motivates me because I see how many people like to have me and that I'm never alone. Even old friends or my ex are letters. Even a letter I wrote with 7 to myself. Read me the things very often although I already know what's there. I am looking forward to the new one. :)


had collected petroleum lamps, today gobelin partly own production


kidneys and gallstones and puffed teeth. : -))


Programming languages, ie compiler or interpreter for some obscible programMierlanguage.

(Yeah, Wat it does not exist !: P)


I collect schools that once I finish with school, I can burn everything and can burn everything can watch;)

Collect something specific or special?