Is the racist and you do not have to change it (skin color)?

2021-08-24 06:04:37 JUANITA


First, I do not want to hurt hereby! I just thought about it today (have no other hobbies)

No matter. In any case, everyone probably knows everyone with the molder heads and negries that were renamed in chocolates because the name was racist. But then you would not actually have this color

, ie "skin color", renaming?

I personally think that it sounds pretty much afterwards as if This color would be the only (right) skin color (ie as if generally bright skin would be the only HF. You know what I mean.)

Whether you have to change the name is another thing, But is not that racist?

Thank you f* no, it is not racist choose 54%

Yes, it's racist and it should be racist and you should rename Choose 42%

Other Answer: Choose 4%

Yes, it's racist, but it should continue doing choose 0%


In other countries, this is not the skin color. I do not believe that seriously people feel disadvantaged with other skin color, because they call this color here in Germany as a child (!) Skin color.

There are really bigger problems.


It is not racist and everyone who sees that should be done by a therapist.


does not mean that "meat color" anyway?

Is the racist and you do not have to change it (skin color)?