Hole in skin by pimple?

2021-08-24 06:07:43 EMILIO

I had such a puspel on my forehead .. I washed my face and got tailored. The pimple is now gone, but there is now a small hole on my forehead where the pimple was

grows again or now that's the way ?? And if that grows how long does it take?


If the pimple was not too big, this grows again. Otherwise, a small scar remains. However, that's completely normal, most people have: -)


These are acne scars and those growing.


This remains a kind of acne color. The tissue had been very inflamed at this point and then changed in his form. I do not know how big the damage is?

If it disturbs you Doll, you might be with a fruit peeling something. But you would have to ask a dermatologist. I just read that and unfortunately have no idea about it.

Hole in skin by pimple?