How do I look?

2021-08-24 08:03:41 HENRIETTA

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Hi Cloveed353,

From the face, I can not say anything opposite. Something friendlier looking, smiling. But I think that this facial expression rather rather comes from selfie. (Well, because you are more deliberately dealt with the photographing of yourself, as if it is a spontaneous recording.)

With your hair I would think something about. Something what you like. For ahead somewhere? Maybe? Or generally the hair shorter? Look at different hairstyles and if you like some, then try out quietly. The hair grows again.

Incidentally, the topic T-Shirt: Seems to be a monochrome T-shirt. (What I see.) Example with me: I have a favorite color andD All my t-shirts are in this color (black) but with different designs / sayings on it. Example 1: A tree where on one side a girl on a rocking and on the other side has hanged a man. Among them is the saying: "Life Always Has Two Sides." Example 2: The silhouette of ET, which shows the middle finger and is downhound: "Your Planet S * CKS" only without starch. * G Example 3: It is on it: "Should, could, could," but by painted and below says: "Do!" Not crossed out. * G and more T-shirts. In any case, they are always an eye-catcher and very often I am therefore addressed. Even when shopping. But otherwise I always carry this in the disse. Clothes that fit a suit and a selfD Who likes, can not only have a stand out of the crowd, but the face, underline the character, highlight positively.

Hope I could help you something. All the best you. And think of it: no matter what hairstyle, clothes or anything else: you have to feel good, not the others. * G

How do I look?