Do you feel naked without a mask?

2021-08-24 08:05:47 ALEX

No Choose 61%

Yes Choose 22%

A little choose 17%



Yes, I got used to the mask that I feel unused without pretty much.

I thought it was nice to wear them, then no one can think negative about the look, because you see nothing :)



Nah, could not get me properly to the part get used to. It annoys. I deliberately support it. Also, see it as a necessity, but without a mask it is of course a lot more pleasant. Naked? No.


I do not breathe through them especially, especially in rooms or when I run. I tear you down, whenever that works.


Never annoy me and tear me up with me.

I'm looking forward to the day when Man siE can only be put up voluntarily.


So useful and right you are, I'm glad if I do not have to wear it.

Do you feel naked without a mask?