Did the West planned the war in Syria from the beginning?

2021-08-24 11:02:53 KYLE

The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said 2013:

"I will tell you something. I was two years before the start of violence in Syria because of other talks in England. During my stay there I met with British lace officials who expressed me to prepare for something in Syria. " "This was in the United Kingdom and not in the US. Great Britain prepared the organization of an invasion of rebels in Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer foreign minister, if I wanted to participate in the preparations. Of course, I refused, I told you, I'm from France, that does not interest me. " "This process goes back far. Everything was preparedIt is necessary to anticipate and planned ... In this region it is important to know that the Syrian regime has a very anti-Israeli attitude. " "According to this scheme, everything happens, which happens in the region, and I have this from the former Israeli prime minister, who said to me," We will try to get back with our neighbors, but those who do not agree with us are destroyed . "

Did the West planned the war in Syria (with now 500,000 deaths) to clear Bashar Al-Assad?


The Assad regime, which was founded by the father of the current ruler, always had a large closeness to the Soviet Union, later to Russia. This ran towards the interests of the West and Israel, although the rulers of Islamic cleavage belong to the Alewites which practice tolerance. At Syria war, it went to the elimination of the brutal president, but actually concerns the influence in the region and the protection of Israel.


There is something to it, in vouchers were not at the same time in the protests in Syria against Assad at the same time seldominer and contracetrials paid as well as armed.

Nothing is left to chance, unfortunately the simple minds do not get with and they prefer the EasenaNG of the mainstream of dissatisfied citizens and a government must. Why is not that question?


Ring it now?


of course. Virtually all today's wars have been confronted by the western regimes or are at least challenged. And the war crimes on behalf of "human rights" continue to go. Meanwhile, Syria is completely sanctioned and even largely besieged from the outside to prevent any restructuring and hung up the population. The raw materials are looted as well.


How should we know that? We were not there in the interviews ...


Did the West planned the war in Syria from the beginning?