Father dead faith burned out. What to do?

2021-08-24 12:01:14 JULIUS

We have a 26-year-old nearby, whose father died 3 weeks ago. Now he sperminates that he is incredibly proud of his foreign nationality that he is proud to have a BMW (although the car does not belong to him) and to drive, though he has no driver's license ! He whitens every "to be fetched" because he keeps himself as strong, though he is thin thin and does not operate martial arts.

What should I do?

Notify the police?

Give the number from him to the police?


I faith rather that he drinks a lot of alcohol to cope with it and that's why he talks so nonsense. Have seen such people often and I'm even sorry, because the internally totally broken and do not know to help. You have to understand that if it comes to illegal activities, I would call the police.

If you see him as he drives without a driver's license, then in your place I would call the police if he just said it without you see, then I would wait and watch.


The good man just wants attention. In reality, he, presumably, is simply uncertain and not self-confident and tries to hide the appearance through his trimming appearance.Should he really drive without a driver's license, then he is a danger and you should just attention to the police. Maybe he only tells that, the police will find out.


So I say so ....

Mr. Teacher I know what! - That's easy! But here is the location a hoof different! It is a danger to be underestimated if someone without a driving license, maybe even uninsured with a car ...

Man is a danger for himself and others, so it would be good if the police would be good As an eye throws up and exactly for something like that are there!

LG, Anna


If you know that he drives without a driver's license, you can do it yes Show. DAnn will take care of the police on him.


The "cruise" of him is not relevant.

I suspect very strong that he was probably pretty much under the slippers of the father and the father was very strict.

Now, where the father does not live anymore, he wants to catch up on everything he was not allowed to papas times.

Let him talk and see with a wide grin over it.

Father dead faith burned out. What to do?