Vaccination and efficacy?

2021-08-24 12:03:55 MARY

So, as there are many different things, I would like to know about people who know how that is.

One thing that is said again and again is that in Israel, despite the high vaccine rates, there is still heavy progresses of Corona in a rate that does not make a real difference between vaccinated and unburdened, sometimes even that the rather Having trouble. But if it is more and more vaccinated, it is clear that more vaccinated than before land in the clinics.

Then, as hormones be added to pregnancy, but says that the vaccines are currently receiving so much attention that it would be pretty unwise with something to be through.

But, I'm interested in MeiFrom both sides, please if it is also possible with links and sources, because it is not easy to look completely as a laihe. An exterte could tell me something, I have to believe him then, that brings me into a position in which I have to believe that. The alternative media and experts who say something else could tell me just as well.


If a single or twice vaccine would be added to hormones against pregnancy, this would not work.

Do you have more accurate information?

Since the virus Always mutated, one is not immune, so even 2 or 3 times vaccinated can be sick, but then (previously probably) have light courses.

I mean if you only want to read facts, you should read View the information of the RKI.


Also vaccinated can infect. Example Israel:

The vaccine seems significantly lower the death rate. But also the waiver of artificial ventilation can save lives, because then it is preventedAlready existing germs of any kind are pushed even deeper into the bronchi and thrive there.

The high number of vaccines in hospitals (around 60%) shows that the risk of infection is very high for vaccinated. And the fact that they are in the hospitals shows that there are a lot of heavy courses among the vaccines, because otherwise they would not be in the hospital.

The conclusion that vaccine has little effect would be not correct. Rather, it should be so that vaccinated strongly more carelessly dealt with the matter, which subsequently increases the number of infection drastically. That would be another unpleasant side effect of the vaccine, which one had not concentrated politically.

that HeimlicH Be mixed any malicious substances into the vaccines, e.g. to prevent pregnancies, I hold for a rumor applied by non-nonsense.

In fact, but impurities are not excluded. Such were already detected in some batches. The violence of vaccine reactions does not necessarily come from the vaccine itself, but could certainly be due to sometimes contaminants contained. However, it is probably not to be expected that this topic will be discussed politically broadly.


have never heard in my circle of acquaintances that one with vaccine Corona had.

By contrast, 2 remote colleagues, the IK Hospital with BeatWarwn, although the Fitte guys are.

Actually all in my circle are vaccinated and no one had livelihoods side effect. Some worship better some worse. As Dahl is with vaccinations.

And the efficacy of vaccinations is demonstrated.

have no concerns.


Then, that there are hormones against pregnancy

That is not true, otherwise it would have already noticed.

Vaccination and efficacy?