Would be purely theoretically possible life after death from a scientific point

2021-08-24 17:02:07 ERIN

I know the views of DEF religions, but would that be something possible from the point of view of science? Just deal with Chico Xavier and his views have aroused something my interest. Especially because it does not have this usual religious background.


I do not think it's something you can prove scientifically. In some way you would have to find out if we have a soul and only then you could consider it correctly ... but that can be prove that it can be impossible.


This neurosurgeon thinks that the souvenir order experiences are probably at least notes on a life after death:



Not religious should this Chico Xavier be? The believes in a God when he uses this word to get rid of his wisdom, so he also believes in a religious sense of a life after death.

KnowledgeThe life is ended with the brain death, i. The brainstem is dead and thus the awareness is always extinguished. There can be no Reanimation anymore, the body goes when the cardiac lung machine is turned off instant in rejoice over ...

A supposedly around-spoking soul in paradise is the hope of the simple and dumbbells on an eternal life But that can not give it, because old has to make new life on our little planet. This universe, which consists of only energy and matter, does not allow any intangible parallel world that could have anything to do with our world, in which something like our mind could get or from which it could return. Nothing can dematerialize or mater againIgnell, everything is only energy or matter and that remains. Spirit - this is our language and the information pool, the information surplus, which we have ahead, is further nothing, physically, that is the acoustic energy and the acoustically embossed forms of energy in the VIII. Brain nerves.



From a scientific point of view, there is no single indication that the SoAdwas would be possible.

It is best to compare this with a compter. Our consciousness is the software running on the calculator.

A life after the dead would be like when I turn off my computer. Ind completely in items and destroy them. And then I can still use the software that is on this calculator WAR.

If this calculator e.g. A server with a database would have been on it, so I still could work with the database though this DB is only running on this computer and destroyed together with the computer.

That would be of the scientific view of life after the dead. Or talking with spirits, etc.


Not even theoretically this is possible. Only with utopian spinning mills can be made theoretically possible.

Would be purely theoretically possible life after death from a scientific point of view?