2021-08-24 21:03:15 ARMANDO


1. I would have a question about how you would respond to a woman who has accidentally discovered in the city in the park, etc. Everything that seems to me that way is somehow funny for me.

2. I know a girl who is about 3 years older than. We are very very far away, but during the holidays I and my sister with her and her brothers sometimes undertaken something. Rather less now. Such my sister does not have a contact with her as soon as possible. Is it stupid to write her sometimes, especially since I do not know if she likes me at all?

Thank you


  1. not. Personally, I do not know anyone who is simply so totched and then asked for personal things (mobile number). Would you find that great?
  2. You can write to her, what does it cost you? Most likely, however, contact quickly becomes confessed, because you do not know really well and not so much to tell.


Many women have made bad experiences with types, which they have addressed at the road on the street or elsewhere. Mostly come there are obscene preventive claims or the types just want ne fast number in the bushes.

That's why I almost react with rugged defense. Too bad only if a really nice isAnd it says nice and honest and then get a rough removal. So let's do that. Unless, she smiles from himself.

If you often see the woman, you can greet her nice and sometime sometime some Smalltalk taste. But please do not ask immediately after the mobile number. OK?

To 2: Just try it. Fresh times old memories.

When it gets more serious: Or-letter-artich # answers-298086940


Make it really too complicated. Alone that you dare like that, Gesture is enough. Say quite loose "Hi how are you," then she probably says something like "apology, do we know each other?" and you answerWith "No I am worth value" and then you can lead Smalltalk

It's all about your kind and how you come over

But please if you say no, then accept it and let them continue