Why do you assert in the west, the Syrian President Assad is a dictator, althoug

2021-08-24 22:03:03 PEGGY
The same applies to NATO heads of government declare that President Assad has lost, any legitimacy ', although an internal NATO report estimates that 70% of Syrians support the President, 20% of them neutral to him, and 10% of the Rebels support the. (WORLD TRIBUNE 201 3; BIN 201 3) [...] The information roughly coincides with the outcome of the presidential elections in June 2014, when Bashar Al-Assad received 65% support relative to the total number of voters, or 88, 7% at a turnout of 73.4% (LDEA International 201 5). [The dirty war against Syria of Tim Anderson, 2016]

Why do you claim the opposite in the West, if even internal NATO reports contradict? Assad is wrongly discreditIERT?


Your question should actually be expanded, why the US and in the Nibelungstaueke also also Mixed to plunge the Syrian system?

Are this question, comes One to other results, as only a turmoil in the countryside, which exists everywhere and can be on earth.

Assad was not inclined to follow the west, he had a military alliance with Russia, which entertained a marine port in Tartus .

Why did the US have confiscated the oilfields of Syria, here of a dictator to speak of the bad way, is exaggerated and there are dozens of worse of whom a raid threatens.

Here is hypocrisy in the game, that was Peter Scholl-Latour the Deutschalready written in the complaint book, which you let yourself be directed by false friends.

Assad with his policy was one of the more advanced potatoes in the Middle East, but he was on the wrong side and that will be sick of him.


It is asserted that the Most Syrians except lands, a Face first rank, because in 2010 Syria had 21,39 million inhabitants, according to which 12 million is abroad? So is written, without meaning and mind.



The "majority of Syrians" stopped in Syria, because You before the Assad dictationUr is fled or lives in territories, which are unreachable for the Assad oppressive regime, such as: b. The Kurdish areas.

About the brutal dimensions of the State-terrorist Assad regime, you can always inform yourself at Amnesty International.

Operate with Facted election results of the dictatorship to reject a supposed majority assistance for the criminal regime, is hardly billable at cynicism and simply disgusting.


Who has the nerves , this can also look at this ...

https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/098954-000-a/Folder-in-Syria-Tim- Certainty /


Because he is a dictator.

But did not you already ask this suggestive issue before?

In addition, your question a logic problem: there was and also gives it Dictators who can rely on a majority in the people.

I suspect that Hitler had a free choice - so she would have gained - in 1938. Maybe even with an absolute majority.


Stand the majority really behind him or dares the majority just not to say what she really thinks.

Look for movies from North Korea. You could also think that Kim Yong is worshiped. Who believes ....


Because it does not fit the western scheme. Head of State that have too much power are a mandrel in "whose "eye, because they are not influenced. The world may only develop according to our ideas because we are the" better ". What is nationally called tolerance, internationally does not apply.

Why do you assert in the west, the Syrian President Assad is a dictator, although the majority of Syrians is behind him?