Masturbating female, embarrassing situation (need help)?

2021-08-24 23:02:14 FLORA

Andzwar I made something stupid.

I asked me a boy from my class if I masturbate, but I expressed myself wrong.

Yes, I masturbate sometimes but I wanted him Denying.

Unfortunately, he has noticed that's it: /

But whenever I look in, I think of omg help. The worst is I see him every day in the class. And that's 2 years probably.

Something stupid is certainly just me.
Anyway, these thoughts keep away. I feel at school as if I were not anymore. : (

How should I stand as a female being?

Should it be very unpleasant? (Seats in a lesson even next to him)


The question is much more embarrassing than the answer. So you can see him left in the face. That will make him crazy!

If you are older, you will be looser with such topics. But what you can learn about it is: You do not have to answer any question that gives you someone. You can also say: "That's none of your business!" or: "You want to know that!"


So You do not worry unnecessarily. He will make it more often than you.

is quite normal that you

a, kennelnt

A, satisfies his body and satisfies his needs.

So stay calm and see It's a secret that you both share.


I think you could AlToggle more self-confidence. Try to go to the matter: what you do is ncinfs reprehensible it and that's why it's absolutely matter if he knows it or not, especially because that's almost everyone

And how do you have Please misprede that he now knows how XD


If he is doing it offensively whether he does that.

Can he also offer him together . I think he's your best friend


As if he were better ...

That's normal

Masturbating female, embarrassing situation (need help)?