From when does your opinion begin?

2021-08-25 00:00:55 EUNICE

After the procreation / conception choose 39%

after birth choose 39%

other response ... Choose 23%


Hello IA3007 and noodle casserole28,

It is probably due to the situation of every woman, from when life begins.

I have myself, though unplanned, was happy about pregnancy and relatively early held together with my miniature merge, entertaining me with him, the round the tummy was, one could feel the feet and sleeves, head or the other round particles, the more intense was the relationship.

Every day, "La Grange" was played by ZZ TOP, so that the little knew what good music is :).



The formulation should Louds: The new life. The germ cells are also living cells for themselves. But as soon as you have connected, the new creature is entstood, even if it is still a single cell.



or possibly also a few days before that.

Just from the time when the living thing is active, thinking And something can feel.

Previously, something is for me only a cell lump, which is officially considered to be lived, but is not directly human.



Since one can not "see" the soul of a person, one must assume that they are as the physical shell as the physical shell as the physical shell. ,

and the documentaries by ultrasound show clear reactions of the child, so that it is not likely to dismantle for 9 months as a bare meat base.

Even the ErbrechT takes into account well-grained descendants.

Unfortunately, politics and language have no longer meet the newly emerging life for years, because unfortunately only the mothers and fathers can talk and the children are not yet.

But German law still says: Abortion is currently trouble-free. So it is still a sin and offense, and the legislator looks only of a punishment. Unfortunately, it leads to the fact that it is gradually perceived as "injustice".


Depending on view, only when you are a few years old. But I would say that the moment is somewhere in between.

From when does your opinion begin?