Did you prefer dogs or cats?

2021-08-25 00:02:49 EMILY

If you would think about it, to buy a pet and decide between a dog and a cat, what would you prefer to take?

Would I decide for a cat! Choose 56%

Would I decide for a dog! Choose 44%


I like dogs and cats very much, only reason I have cats and no dog, since the poor animal would be alone up to 12 hours a day. I let the cats out in the morning, if they want.


I am very animal lovers and may also like cats, but I would always, even if he does a bit of work, decide for a dog, as they are always grateful and grateful very faithful to you!


I like animals, even dogs. But my absolute favorites are cats. We have seven of them. Cats can teach you how good life goes


I like both, but with dogs I have longer experience. I had besides 2 cats before before German German ShepherdE and puppies of them from their own breeding. : -)


I want to work with the animal and can take it everywhere.

Did you prefer dogs or cats?