Report our calls?

2021-08-25 00:03:46 NICHOLAS

Lately, calls from people in bad German, allegedly from Microsoft or similar, are allegedly, that our computer is allegedly infected, candidate no. 777 - they have won (although we do not participate anywhere), etc. .....

Clearly I leave my conversation with such people, I'll listen to what it works and simply put it on. Is this procedure correct or should one like this of the police, Federal Network Agency or anywhere? Report by listening to the number displayed on the display and reports? Or how does such a message guide?

I would like to put such contemporaries, if it is only a drop on the hot stone on this "market" .....

Does that all, or KDo you save the effort?


Show Nothing, who sitting elsewhere where. If I have time, I put myself a little stupid, bind them into a longer conversation, in which then at the end comes out that I have a Mac or something like that.

I have no time - trilly whistle!


Hi, I would also prefer to be the handicrafts. But mostly abroad.

Even with the tricks that pensioners want to rip money with phone calls, (daughter, granddaughter has caused a daughter accident, sits in umbilation and needs deposit or similar) the alarmed Police often make the messenger who should pick up the money.

The backmen are safe abroad.

Therefore,Oh attaching and good.


brings Nüscht, hang up and rest is the only way.


I just make me and lock the Call number in my router.

At least I can never be sure of them from those ...

Report our calls?