Do you know good Christian novels?

2021-08-25 02:02:00 GRANT

I want to start reading Christian novels. I have informed myself after good, but somehow everything I found so far have had more so romantic books for teenagers.

However, I love more so old classics (do you know about authors?) And more so "adult" stories that address more profound themes, have realistic characters, etc. (I also like to be told very slowly).

The only thing I know so far is Dostojewski.

I have also heard a lot of the "Circle Trilogy of Ted Dekker. Would that be like me looking for?


I'm reading this here:

It is the story of Nehemia in Roman Form. Totally well written. Reads light and you dive into a different time and also learns something in this way. I think well. :)


Although there is classics, but I do not know so many.

But there are also Christian romantic novels that were written recently. You will get this at Christian publishers .

Here the link to you, just search for Romatic books. Of course there is also thriller etc. to buy.

Have fun



I read only Christian novels, preferably historically, and could make you an eternal list here

However, my favorite book "Love is Strong ".

The biblical story of the Prophet HoSea was written into a novel. Really recommended, have read it within 24 hours;)


I can recommend the following books:

    The Bible Smoke (= My Favorite)
  1. You only need to believe in the murderer to the human screquet
  2. Pretty best rogue - as I became more richer
  3. See by the veil - an invitation to the invisible world
There are no novels in the literary sense, but true life storyn who look like exciting novels.

Do you know good Christian novels?