Do not know if I'm for the feeling?

2021-08-25 02:03:30 LAURIE

Hello friends, learn a great man for about 2 weeks. He is very nice, affectionate and does everything for me. When I said, come to X Y He would come there, even if it would cost him his last money. We already had sexually something, he seems to be very much on me and I have several times trying to break up the contact, since I was often unsure if it will be something (do not know why).
I really like him, but somehow the whole thing does not attract me that way. Now I wanted to ask, is that normal in an introductory phase?


So I think the man does not have so many relationships or is just like that. Too much of it does not attract anyone on just because it does not speak for it that he has both his own life and experienced something (that is, subconsciously looks so). On the Best you talk to him as long as you are still superior and say to him he should drive down a walk down next to his thing and see you first as an addition to his life and not you directly as a life if you understand. So tell him something that bothers you friendly and look like it develops.

Do not know if I'm for the feeling?