Is that normal after a spasm?

2021-08-25 03:02:55 ESSIE

Hello together

My best friend today had several very strong cramps in the thigh and the calf. She had the last cramp about 13:45 but she still can not burden her leg again. She says as soon as she tries to struggle out her leg she gets hellish pain that barely to be withheld.

How can I help her?

She has been regularly magnesium!

LG Jackyie


The muscle may still not be relaxed. Then the leg should be stretched by and the toes are pulled. It is best that if a time person helps. This hurts at first but after a few seconds it is better.



Magnesium does not really help. That's the problem in the few cases. Cramps arise with an overload of muscles.

If you rummage so often, it is either unsportsman to AS F or drives way too much sports.

Especially with so had struggles I believe that it is a magnesium deficiency.

Now? Mh hard to say. If it does not go, go to the doctor. I can not assess that from here what ICH would do. Can also have causes that I do not know.


Yes, because that's still in the cramp I would say.

That can also calm down and no longer Blazing, but nevertheless all the time to be compatible.

Distracts !!!


Drink a lot of water.

and no coke, alk, or other.

Is that normal after a spasm?