Should it be based on reciprocity?

2021-08-25 03:03:26 WILLARD

I sometimes very impatient and would like to meet a girlfriend often.

However, the last time I asked for a meeting, I do not want it to the routine that I always ask. I would like to ask my opposite.

However, I am very open what that is concerned and do not think of it, I say so as if "Hey spontaneously time today?" Or if she suggests me, she would have time I always ask me "Time what to do "

But she had promised more often.

So actually nothing represents or?

I do not want to come upside down or come across as if I have nothing else to do.

What does you mean it is due to reciprocity?


This friendship does not seem to be very consolidated, otherwise mutual suggestions would be normal.

You can make it easier for your girlfriend and tell you that you can tell it if it gets too much, because you always ask.

Thus you show her that you are independent and not sticking to it.


Even if she has promised more often: Long term, no friendship is to keep with it, after all, she can rest on it that you make the suggestions. You will be "boring" for you in the long term. So if you really want to achieve the reciprocity and achieve that you will continue to recognize you as a friend: Do not blow it. Then you can namelyCheck:

  • If you do not come with your own proposals, your friendship is not necessarily important in reality.
  • If you come with your own proposals, you are important to her.


Uiuiui I'm simply in an almost identical situation

I know it but unfortunately not yet ..

Should it be based on reciprocity?