Girl starts to cry in front of sex?

2021-08-25 04:00:31 TIM


The question goes especially to women:

I had a Tinder date yesterday.

She was really funny, great person, mega good woman.

She has already hinted that she wants to sleep with me, but when it finally came, she started to cry Mega.

She meant that the hormones Women sometimes spin and it came. On the other hand, I'm rather think that she did not want any sex and came out some oppressed past.

Hence my question: Can the voices? So that the hormones are playing false and something?

I busy me totally. Of course I listed directly to touch them, because it was not just sorry, but I just do not want something like that.


Hello! If it is like a case I know:

..... that she really did not want sex and came out some oppressed past

She probably wants sex but then blocked by traumatic memories.

If you are important to you: speech with her, maybe Duda must break a blockade

Be sensitive and patience then it will be

me Wish you a nice evening


The woman suffers from a bipolar disorder (formerly manic-depressive). If you are in the manic phase, then the clerk automatically the tears automatically because it is so Euphoric . You have to see that as if you win 1 million in the lottery, then howlingAlso many women from joy go.

Sex with a bipolar woman is gigantic. Because they are totally leaving you, is euphoric and multi-keeping. She stops 5 orgasms in a row.

So: next time do so as if you do not see the tears. Think of sex only to you, because the bipolar woman only takes care of sex. I had to learn that too. And then it works great.

Bipolar is unfortunately genetic and innate.


That has nothing to do with the hormones. Maybe she wanted something, but then did not find the courage and to sleep with you as false. That does not have to be up to you. It can also be easy that you just do not yet get that far, even if you GedacHT she could do that. I could not just sleep with someone I do not know well and not love.

I've also credited my first time on my first attempt. For fear and because I was somehow not time yet.

It will be a psychic and character.


The hormones that are not lying rather. This will probably be an excuse


I think the hormones can all be excluded here.

Which reason it actually has, you can best explain yourself . But my guess is that you did not want to call you the true reason.

Girl starts to cry in front of sex?