Can you look at smarter jobs / smarter than you are?

2021-08-25 04:01:43 VICKI

A friend said one can only be stupid but never smarter than you think what do you think?


Hochstabiter operate this way.

A prominent example:

The postman Gerd Postel as a chief physician of the psychiatric clinic Dresden's early 1990s:

He stepped onto as Dr. med. Med. Dr. Phil. Clemens Bartholdi

and practiced there for about 2.5 years unjustified until he emptained.


does not really have to be smarter than you are. This flies relatively fast.

Either one has any idea or not.

Put the dumbers than you are, is not always advisable.

You should be yourself remain faithful.

Either one is smart or stupid.


Can you work more intelligent jobs / intelligent than you are?

It is clear that it is going to run enough high stackers and "actors" around in our society.


Yes sure,

Wise Diplomas before, title and learn you with trivial statements in influential people.

Bill Gates is a lively example of this.


successfully issued as a smarter than you are not working .

Source: Bundestag.

Can you look at smarter jobs / smarter than you are?