Has this photo happy to me?

2021-08-25 06:01:35 JEFFREY

Is it as better?

Whole chic chooses 52%

Go 28% Choose 28%

Bad Choose 21%


Here is a better photo.


The first is better because the horizon is at least approximately straight.

But overall the motive is not very exciting in the same way. Also, the image layout does not fit right. The ice should be in the case more links in the picture - keyword goldener cut.


Well, which means good. You have stopped an ice cream with the mobile phone that you held in front of a lake.

is a normal snapshot and nothing special.


The ice is a bit crooked and I find that you could not see a little less. But otherwise top.


The OI find better, because the horizon (almost) is straight. Below is clearly wrong.


Neutral, everyone considers this differently, there will be no firm opinion.

Has this photo happy to me?