Why is there a word for female good friends?

2021-08-25 06:02:56 ELIJAH

Good evening together, so I have a very good girlfriend with which I'm not together, if I tell my parents of her, I always do not know which word I should take, because it just lacks the right word.

In male friends, you can still say buddies, but buddy does not fit in women and buddy sounds stupid.

I could say well, but I think that's what I think My girlfriend "Sage Think all that we are together.

Do you have tips for me, which word I could use by z. B. to tell my parents, "Mine, ..... told me yesterday ..."


"(good) well-known" does not fit because that sounds too impersonal?

Yes, here would actually be better (Väninna = girlfriend in the sense of good known, Flickvän = Girlfriend in the sense of "girlfriend"). In German, that does not exist.


You could vllt "a friend". That sounds like she's just one of your friends.

Or you just tell "my friendly girlfriend" but I think I sound too long. LG


There is no word in the German language. Since you have to improvise or name be descriptive with name ...

I've learned Swedish and there are really many words that are in German nMost of:

Kompis = friend, buddy, comrade [for both sexes]

Vän = friend

Väninna = girlfriend [friendship]

Pojkvän = Friend [Love Relationship], [Boyfriend]

Flickvän = Girlfriend [Love Relationship], [Girlfriend]

I talk and write how always too much, but what I want to clarify: for that There are words in many other languages, but not in German. With us they are simply missing.

So you have to rewrite or possibly use stupid terms ... Kumpeline sounds stupid. Yes, that's right. But if you identify a girl as a "friend", the grammatical does not fit and it sounds strange too. Therefore, I suggest:

in oneR relationship = Girlfriend

friendly, nothing serious = colleague


eV. Respondet or so


Yes, my tip: call your name. And if someone asks who is ... then say a girlfriend or a good friend. Simply

Why is there a word for female good friends?