I'm addicted to me please help me?

2021-08-25 07:01:42 MAGGIE

Hey, I'm trying to put my phone away. I want to do something meaningful, I really enjoy learning and exercising. Unfortunately, I do not like that. I can not put my phone or the PS4 away. I want to stop immediately. I do not feel good. That hurts already. Please have useful tips?

I do not want to leave my friends. Only out of the addiction.

(17 years old male)


Looking for a friend who goes jogging with you etc

I am also addicted to mobile but I found things that can be used on the phone ^^

The goals of certain parties read out (are already nearly 18) Learning a new language Dochus look at informs of information, etc


I would like to put away my phone but somehow does not work . I'm not accessible without mobile phone and the information (school, news, fitness plan, music ...) I then no longer have.

Maybe who can understand me.


Close it for 4 weeks. Without way out. Timeless or something. Or send you someone by mail that you return againshould be.

Without it is quite nice, believe me.

Just Must DUs

I'm addicted to me please help me?