No sex before marriage makes me ready?

2021-08-25 07:04:35 DEVIN

I am very convinced of everything in Islam, just a thing brings me around. While with sex before marriage.

I mean I am 21 yo and you have no idea how that is bad for me to have no sex so far. I'm extremely shy, lonely and excluded because everything is about women Haram. Even the look is Haram.

People who is needed, we eat and drink.

I have the assumption that I will explode. There are these needs that just get out wi !! .

I think the marriage already, on one side I have to work for 2-3 years and save money. On the other hand, everyone says to me, have no hurry! The marriage is not always something great as you think. It will come time where you will regret you marriedhave. As if marriage would be a prison.

What do you think is the solution? Please remain subject matter and not just reading Quran!


For me, the extremely traditional and conservative thinking is. Is a normal human shoot. Why should you stop him if you have the need to live it out.

I find sex should be no reason to marry as quickly as possible.


Wait and patience, soon Wa Ta'la will be the right thing in Shaa Allah . Just pray for it, Allah will hear your (ask) prayers in Shaa Allah.

Sexual intercourse and in general. Is sexual attraction something normal and a gift of Allah you can not get around, and watch is not really haram, but still you should lower the eyes and preserve chastity.

I also have that, Allah says if you really really do somethingWant to have a sin (e.g., Zina), if you do not do it, you get very good pay!

The Prophet Saw advises us to fast with such extreme thoughts / drifts.

No sex before marriage makes me ready?