What is the planned economy failed?

2021-08-25 08:02:07 CHERYL

Dear community,

Today I have a political question in the direction of socialism / communism

I think the planned economy has failed at the 5 year system, and the state should have not determined, How much should be produced, but every company would have had to have its own management

What is your opinion


both together Choose 100%

5 Year System Choose 0% No management in companies Choose 0% Other opinion Choose 0%


The access to the free market, is that included in the things? Only because of the last minute, for example, in my region, copper was promoted .. Then the distribution was crappy and you could not respond to demand so fast .. If somewhere "What was scarce", people have bought it as crazy, The state did not even have on the screen for example toothbrushes .. Then the need had to be covered again though that was long saturated ..

What is the planned economy failed?