Is this about the spike proteins?

2021-08-25 12:00:46 JAMES

Haii I was told that the spike proteins are dangerous from vaccinated so they are separately informed, but I've already been scientifically informed that it is not that way and I was told that this "science" is only a different opinion decorated with subject words and That's why I found this question very strange.

The person has shown me these 3 links and wanted to ask what the experts stick to them and how true the whole thing is?

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The body of course forms spike proteins after vaccination, but a very small amount degraded in a few weeks. It is crucial that after the 2nd vaccine, no spike proteins can be detected in the blood, just because the vaccine works, and the anticoers remove the proteins. ( Link )

The amount of spike proteins that can cause damage is unevenly higher in infection and coherper.

Studies show that spike proteins are sticking around the injection site at the cell surface around the injection site and does not get into other body parts over the bloodstream. The 1% of the vaccine entering the bloodstream is destroyed by liver enzymes.

Quoted your first linkActually, only shades that the spike protein in Coronakranken, which, as I said, occurs in a lot of higher crowds and spread.

Your second link is actually just Blah-Blah, and the third has nothing to do with the topic.

So let yourself be vacated with vaccination.


I was told that this "science" is only a different opinion decorated with subject words and that I found that very strange so that question.

This is in principle the moment where you can stop discussing. Science has nothing to do in mind. Science is looking for prove.

The sources ..

The first I have moved relatively quickly. Tell me long and wide that Covid19 is dangerous, and then says vaccinatingis angry. Has not understood that the spike protein itself can only penetrate into the cell, but then nothing can do (unlike SARS-COV-2) in the cell. In particular with the additional info that we all inevitably come into contact with SARS-COV-2 is "the virus is dangerous, so do not expose yourself to a part of the virus, so you must please with the full virus" an at best idiosyncratic argumentation .

The second is a swingforum. Have the first post half read. Is not worth the time. Reverse thinking confirms each other itself. Only this time in English.

The Nature article. Joa. It's primarily about SARS COV-2 and its risk for ADE. Around vaccinations are only on the edge and the conclusion is this:

Should It Occur, Earth CAused by Human Vaccines wants First Be Observed in Larger Phase II and / or Phase III Efficacy Trials That Have Sufficient Infection Events for Statistical Comparisons Between The Immunized and Placebo Control Study Arms.

That's all pre-phase 3, The approval came three months later. There is no statement about vaccination and Ade (here Earth) in it.



Please do not just believe any people spreading funny theories, OK?

Spike proteins are not separated ... they are part of the virus itself, and serve that the virus can serve in a cell .

"A peplomer, S-glycoprotein or spike protein is an outwardly projecting protein structure of a viral envelope. Spike proteins are on oneR electron microscopic image visible. You have a function in binding to the host cell. "


Vaccarded only have the protection against this virus protein, but it does not itself in the body.

The virus Even but is demonstrably dangerous and demanded millions of dead worldwide. The death rate in Germany is 2.46% of which appears low, but is still preventable, by the vaccine, which is safe. That's what you know in the Past tests with mRNA sources that all revealed these are harmless and can only cause side effects in the first few days, since the Vaccin is no longer detectable in the body after a few hours.

Let yourself be vaccinated.



The Corona virus has these spike proteins and needs them to infect a person.

vonged people but no spike proteins !!

the type, who told you this nonsense, obviously twisted patches and mixes them with smooth lies. The so-called sources are exactly such a twisted nonsense.

So there is no reason to be vaccinated unless you want to get to Corona.



I as the skeptician keeps very little of this theory and have other reasons for proportionality.

That's what I was brought up to whom and it would have for a long time.

But who knowsSS already ... It is easy for me too far and for me at the moment no reason to pay close or take it seriously.

Is this about the spike proteins?