Do not I need psychological help or rather?

2021-08-25 13:01:12 RODNEY

I was always alone in front of the TV and my elesters are separated, they were always working all day.

Father is drug addicted and mother seriously ill.

I have a pulmonary disease narrow only through inheritance though my parents both have no lung disease, let alone my family.

I have complexes when girls feel laugh at me I laughed directly and I'm afraid of young people in my age especially if they have muscles and that although I'm 1.90.

I am most likely all day at home, I'm lazy for everything and I have no friends. I feel self-hatred and have pessimistic thoughts since I am 9 years old. Whenever I lay in bed in the evening, negative thoughts came to me.

ICh had feared to the 7th grade fear of girls and have rejected every contact possibly rejected and hate felt. Today I pick up with girls at my age and have the feeling all girls hate me.

I never want to marry children, I want to be alone. I hate Meinw parents and never like to take it to them with them. I want sex but no relationship with girl.

I often have suicidal thoughts, I hate my face and did not wish to be born. I'm too lazy for help and just want to commit suicide at some point. I have a kind of bucketlist that I want to do before I die. In addition, in conversations, I can never hear away, to be in the school with the whole class makes me dreadful and is extremelyStringing. Social interaction is hard for me.

I have spider phobia. I had in the 6th grade koof pain and that daily, I had really strong headaches in Dee 3nd class, and today several times a week. And that always at school

Can I fight that yourself Easy Odwr I have to get help? Actually, I do not want help

I'm ashamed of my accent in 2 foreign languages ​​and I always all laugh at me. I choose friends rather looking for appearance instead of character AUD so if you look barklich I can not be friends with them. I know it's wrong but someia is so with me.


You have to find something that you love everyone has to wear his parcel and everyone is bad looking for you goals in your life and try to reach them then you can do that you are not less worth than others Look in the mirror and tell you that

Do not I need psychological help or rather?