Had cannabis have to be reported?

2021-08-25 13:02:58 CYNTHIA


Today it was called patient to Vu, shock room category yellow in directions. The patient came on and said "I have nothing but those who said I should ride."

Patient had bruises in the face and light pain. HWS-Distoresion and whiplash still written down with and patient should actually remain a day for surveillance.

Patient did not want to stay and then to the patient said that I would not stay in his place, so the patient has signed the explanation and released against the medical advice at its own risk.

Sister Came and said she found cannabis in the patient's wallet. In fact, about 1gr cannabis. Patient was told that 9.53 EUR and everything sI otherwise still in his casket was still there. Patient has gone cheerfully home, police did not inquire.

If that had actually have to be reported after a traffic accident or that's okay? Patient has not caused the VU according to its own description, was probably the right of way. Clear and oriented, had no failure phenomena.

Police did not inquire.


Liability. You can not pass this info.


You could have passed it, but that did not have to do it.

Had cannabis have to be reported?