Should Turkey in the EU?

2021-08-25 13:03:42 JACQUELYN

Justification Please

No Choose 82%

Yes Choose 18%


You should get the opportunity. If you want to change from yourself, that you are pleased with European values. The development is (for a long time) in a different direction.


I would not mind if you meet the accession criteria, of which they are currently clearly removed.


For Turkey, the EU is ultimately only a springboard to drive up her major osmanic dreams.

a fountain floifier like Erdogan and others who represent his mindset should not be offered for something like that


Yes, but only after Erdogan is no longer power . For me, Turkey is just as a piece of eurosPa like Germany and how it is Russia. I understand more than just the geographical term under Europe and see it in the form of "Greater Europe"


neither economic nor their definition of human rights are sufficient for joining.

Should Turkey in the EU?