Cat does not eat even though she is hungry?

2021-08-25 13:07:13 TABITHA

My cat (11 weeks) usually eat really much, but since last night he does not want to eat anymore, though he seems hungry. I thought he may not like the food anymore, so I offered him other food. He seems interested, but does not eat.

Earlier he has puked brown fluid. I will go to the veterinarian at noon, but maybe a cat owner knows what's going on.

In addition, he still likes to play and rum around. So he does not behave ill.


I bought a lot of new food and he eats them :))


Hello ShinrateSeii

What are you feeding? Brown liquid vomit, sounds like undeliguous food. How does the hangout eat? Quiet, hectic, he says?

    Friends, or apartment cat? Issues available? How does the buddy eat? My advice would be, please, once to the TA. So it's good that you have the anyway.
  • on the topic of feed refusal:
  • a feed refusal / loss of appetite (medically also inappropriation or anorexia
  • )
  • is already for a cat After a few days dangerous. A cat may not hunger for more than 36 hours and should already be24 hours feed refusal to the TA! It damages the liver massively. Due to the missing protein intake, the normal balance is lost in the fat metabolism of the liver by no longer eliminating the stored fats.
  • This causes hepatic lipidosis = fatty liver also called fat storage disease.
  • The metabolism device mixed up. Fat depots in the body are tapped and enter the liver. Device to a lot of fat at once in the liver, it can not use that anymore, but the liver cells take up the fat, which does not work properly or completely, the liver does not work properly.
  • In such a situation, a vicious circle is created because the starting liver delay leads to further appetitelessness, which in turn is oneWorlusion of liver disease causes.
  • When the cat then stores, or vomiting and diarrhea has, the cat becomes apatic and pull back, the cat
  • must be treated immediately
  • .
  • We treated Mostly with continuous dripping infusions and a nutrient solution possibly forced nutrition.


Without fluid, a cat after 3 days, only in the few Cases to help.

Therefore, the cat should take at least liquid.

And in kittens and seniors, the whole thing is often much faster.

Possible causes:

Teeth Projects


Margin Engine Problems

Infectious Diseases


Halment Disease


Fear Feed Involvement therefore always evil Respiratory diseases, the sense of smell is often limited. Therefore, the cat can no longer check the food and rejects them "for safety's sake". Here it can be helpful if you warm the lining a bit, thereby becoming more intense. ... Before behaving behavioral approaches, please first examine organic causes. If you have clarified the health points, you can Replish with the TA and, for example, via Alfavet Reconvales Tonicum, an appetizer, or reconvales potpile paste, or Vetoquinol Calo-Pet high caloric supplement feed, the catE pilot and support. In addition, it may be on the bowl? What kind of bowl do you have for food & water? An incorrect bowl can be a reason why the cat does not like to eat anymore, the bowl is constantly shifting or bringing the food out with the paw. With too high, tight bowl, the sensitive stringhairs encounter what many cats do not like. Or also, which the depth can not be estimated and so always the nose ends in the feed. So it should be a pretty flat bowl, or a plate. Then the material: Many cats do not like plastic nuts. Dear ceramic, stainless steel or melamine. So you have to try something that the cat likes the best. All the best LG Francis It may be that he has toothache or lit something in the mowl. In any case, still today to the vet. If he drinks a Wengians? Christian maybe ne gastric failure or something. If that does not stay that way for several days, it usually deals by itself. Howard can theoretically also a worm infection -> off to the veterinarian Lee Lee Lee Lee Wait for another 2 days if he does not eat anything until then, then to the veterinarian

Cat does not eat even though she is hungry?